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  1. Bringing Human-Centered Design to HR

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Bringing Human-Centered Design to HR

Talent-Driven Growth

Most organizations view growth through a lens of products and services. While a company's offering is a critical piece, it can be an anchor that is rigid and slow to change. In today’s economy, the pressure to change faster is ever increasing. Leaders need teams to be agile. A long-term growth strategy needs to focus on talent.

Today's worker is more mobile and global than ever before, making the competition for top talent increasingly fierce. Many leaders acknowledge that the right people are essential, but too often they don't invest in the employee experience. Attracting and retaining the best talent means going beyond old standards from the industrial era. From compensation to work style to location, people want more.

People want to get behind an organization that has a position and passion. The best talent expects the application process to be engaging and responsive. To stay, they want to grow and contribute on a personal and professional level. Today, leading organizations are rethinking the way they attract and retain their best people.

We can help.

Find Strategic Focus

What are you asking employees to get behind beyond a paycheck and benefits? What makes your organization unique? We help you establish and communicate a strategic employer brand direction. We clarify the vision and deliver a strong message platform.  

  • Employer Branding: Define your value proposition, the core of your brand. Understand talent motivational drivers and how they make decisions.

Align Teams and Tools

Talent-driven growth requires each department to get on the same page. Are your communication workflows and tools effective? Agile teams need systems with different processes and metrics. Departments need tighter integration to deliver better experiences. We help connect your strategy to a plan. Employee Journey programs help drive change, build unified cultures, and define ideal employee interactions—plan for today with a roadmap for tomorrow.

  • Talent Journey: Analyze and create concepts for employee engagement through multiple communication channels. Define experiences from attraction, acquisition, onboarding, and development.

Inspire People to Act

Finding and keeping the attention of the best talent is hard. Externally, there is so much white noise in the marketplace when trying to attract talent, and messages get fragmented. Internally, for current employees, campaigns fall flat as “flavor of the month” initiatives. Learning tools lack the sophistication and user-friendliness of everyday mobile experiences, making it difficult to get traction with team members.

We look at each encounter, whether external or internal, through the lens of your brand to make them unique. Benchmarking outside of HR experiences helps make each touchpoint more robust and effective. The result is an aligned brand experience that differentiates from alternatives and engages your people from attraction to education and growth. 

  • Employee Engagement: Create immersive experiences for employees and foster organizational buy-in.

Telling a Unified and Unique Story

Autocam, a leading medical device manufacturer, identified talent acquisition as a critical driver for growth but struggled to tell a unified and unique story. We worked with leadership to clarify the brand position and message, then contextualize that to several target audiences—both internal and external. Along with new positioning, the resulting artifact was a website built to engage talent with a unique value proposition and clear messaging.

Telling a Unified and Unique Story

Equipping Talent for Growth

ESI, an ergonomic furniture accessories company, has seen multiple years of steady growth. Recognizing its sales reps are a cornerstone of past growth, the company needed to level up and better equip salespeople for future growth. We conducted internal research with teams, reps, and customers to better understand how they interact and the flow of information. We created four behavioral sales rep segments, enabling us to identify the group with the best potential to spur growth but also needed an extra boost with training and tools. With this target group in mind, we developed sales tools and training concepts, taking into account internal workflows and teams from sales, marketing, and customer service.

Equipping Talent for Growth

Aligning Departments

Lorin, a top global supplier of anodized aluminum, was seeking growth by better connecting with a new customer group. The result was a holistic rebrand, which was much more than a look and feel. Lorin’s new position requires internal teams to work together in new ways including sales, marketing, HR, IT, and operations. Agile companies need every team member to be on the same page. We developed a tighter value proposition and ideal customer experience, then tied those efforts back to the individual departments. These concepts and recommendations for HR messaging and experience reinforced Lorin’s brand value and identified activities for internal teams to move the brand forward in a cohesive manner.

Aligning Departments

Employer Branding Further Reading

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