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Waves of Change

Everybody knows it's the surfers who really know what’s going on, so we’ll keep our surfboard.

We’ve been in the UX game since our inception almost 20 years ago. In that time we’ve experienced several big technology waves, best explained this informational video by friend-of-the world, Ze Frank.

Ze Frank: Surfing the Wave of Innovation

Ze Frank: Surfing the Wave of Innovation

We focus on the needs people have as a result of these changes. Our clients and their customers have gone from shell shock to acceptance, to bureaucracy.

Every few years, there is a new web buzzword/concept. Each may be valid, but the landscape is ever changing. If I wanted to be in business for only a short while, opportunistically adopt as our business model every 18 months. When I put my salesman hat on, I imagine myself bursting into a room and simply saying “E-Commerce!” (c.1999), or “Content Management!” (c.2003), or more recently, “Social Media!” (c.2009) or better yet, “Virtual Reality!” (c.2011) and being awarded all kinds of great work from great clients. A measured response to these trends is, of course, a better way to go.

Look at the big picture can help provide some context. Try to anticipate what’s next:

A few months ago I created this diagram for a client presentation which illustrates major trends online we have experienced. We’re clearly embarking on a new era of simplicity (whew), but that doesn’t mean that the problems are easier.

Our UX work – strike that, client work – starts with finding focus. We’re excited about these new problems and helping our clients navigate these waters.

What happens next? Well, as Ze would tell you, we’re always on the verge of another wave. What we know is that it has a certain inevitability to it, and likely started a far away and are the result of many incremental forces. It looks like something but we don’t really have a word for it.

Everybody knows it's the surfers who really know what’s going on, so we’ll keep our surfboard.



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