Kelley | Uustal

Relaunching a premium services brand.

“Their ability to understand our organization shined through in the finished product.”
- Roland Ochoa, Kelley | Uustal

Standing out

Kelley | Uustal is a personal injury law firm and national leader in consumer advocacy with a reputation for taking on corporate Goliaths. By helping people who have experienced life-changing events, K|U often drives ethical changes in regulations and entire industries. Despite their unique approach and reputation, they struggled to stand out among more common personal injury firms.

The personal injury law is a crowded category with examples of redundant and banal claims.

Personal victories

Through market observations, trend analysis, and user research, we developed a new position that would better reflect how K|U adds value. Unlike transactional injury cases, people who experience catastrophic losses are seeking emotional closure – not just money. It’s about a personal victory. The K|U team’s genuine passion for partnering with victims on their journey led them to structure their firm for the longer-term commitment required for real justice.

The mindset for people who have suffered a catastrophic loss is less about money than emotional closure.

Primary research revealed unmet needs for plaintiffs, often more empathy and support, leading to opportunities for making a more effective client connection.

Helping plaintiffs move forward before, during, and after a tragic ordeal became a critical element for brand building.

Emphasizing the plaintiff's emotional victory is a foundational element for a refined brand story.

Plaintiff journey

Peopledesign identified new paths for delivering value. We mapped plaintiff stages of grief to the client journey so K|U could better support plaintiffs with emotional and educational interactions.

A clearer target persona enabled the team to build a targeted awareness campaign.

Enabled by a tighter strategic focus, we were able to build a communications framework to manage the needs of varied customer demographics and business partners.

We developed a new program to reflect the new position, including the brand identity, imagery, colors, and message tone.

Customer journey mapping allowed us to build a comprehensive program, including a new business system, website, advertising campaign, promotional films, support materials, and more.

Services program

Through a multi-year partnership with K|U, Peopledesign focused on businessbrand, and service design issues for both plaintiff clients and referring attorneys. The new K|U program includes targeted brand narratives, business systems, client onboarding kits, photography, video, building graphics, website, and more. A digital advertising campaign features a series of short documentary-style films that help tell the K|U story through the eyes of their clients.

Promotional films


Brand support materials

New website

Photo asset library

“Let’s get on the phone with the big brains over at Peopledesign.”

“That’s what I would say repeatedly as we pushed through our brand evolution project. In the end, their ability to study our organization and understand us, perhaps even better than we understood ourselves, shined through in the finished product.”

- Roland Ochoa, Director, Kelley | Uustal
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