Collect, evolve, and share information.
Working directly with your team, stakeholders, and decision-makers, we facilitate Strategy Workshops to collect, evolve, and share information. Peopledesign workshops are tailored to your needs but based on experience, proven approaches, and common scenarios.

+ Synthesize stakeholder input
+ Socialize research results
+ Brainstorm and build on new concepts
+ Socialize strategy recommendations

+ Customer insights
+ New sources of value
+ Value propositions
+ Brand positioning
+ Service experience

Herman Miller
Grand Rapids Community College
IIT Institute of Design




As strategy director and a principal at Peopledesign, Jake applies human-centered design methods to help companies develop strategies for growth. Jake started as a journalist reporting on the intersection of design and business. His pursuit of creative problem-solving in business led him to earn an MBA with a concentration in Design Thinking and Innovation Management.
As president and co-founder of Peopledesign, Kevin helps manage client relationships as designer, strategist, and change catalyst. His work in business, brand, and service design spans 30 years working with hundreds of companies. Kevin is also a speaker, co-author Brand Identity Essentials, global president of IxDA, and an adjunct professor at Northwestern University.
“Peopledesign provides perspective based on their knowledge of our company and work with others. They challenges our thinking in a productive way and encourage us to look at an ever-bigger picture.”

Lois Maassen
Marketing Executive
Herman Miller