Re-envisioning a consumer health technology company.

Neurocore is part of a new breed of commercial health services companies, using technology and biometrics to augment health and wellness. With an offering based on neuroscience targeting brain performance, the company struggled to explain its value proposition in a simple way.

Neurocore asked Peopledesign to develop a clear and engaging brand story and enhance essential marketing initiatives, including advertising and its website presence. It is not a small challenge to explain a new concept, especially where the brain is concerned.

We collaborated with the company's leadership team to better refine and prioritize its diverse customer base and articulate the Neurocore brand story. Then we mapped the customer journey to identify high priority touchpoints and developed concepts for customer interaction. The resulting new brand identity package and website established a new foundation for customer acquisition and company growth.

Since the rebrand, Neurocore centers have moved from lackluster performance to having full capacity, and the company is opening new locations.

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