Peopledesign Innovation

Strategy, Research, Innovation
Finding and shaping new value.


Peopledesign Branding

Brand and Marketing
Expressing value and purpose.


Peopledesign CX

Customer and User Experience
Delivering value through interfaces and interactions.

The Built Environment

Peopledesign Commercial Design

Commercial Design
We have unique expertise with built environment companies.

Service Design

Creating opportunities in the experience economy.
Every company offers services – whether or not you charge for them. People compare your services with world-class companies every day. Your opportunity is to embrace the era of choice economy and differentiate your brand on service before your competitors.
Service Design

“Thank you and your team for all of your help. I am building on the foundation that was laid with our work with you.”

Jodi Sevigny, VP Marketing, Macatawa Bank

Macatawa Bank
Herman Miller
Grand Valley State University

Let’s get started.

What we do

We help you explore how to leverage and extend your offering through the lens of services, considering your people, processes, and infrastructure. We focus on improvement, optimization, and innovation.

⚡ Stakeholder interviews

⚡ User research

⚡ Competitive/trend research

⚡ Strategy modeling

⚡ Backstage/team implications

What you get

We synthesize our findings to prepare clear recommendations and next steps regarding your service opportunities and backstage operations.

📋 Audience Personas

📋 Service Models

📋 Service Opportunities

📋 Team Considerations

📋 Horizon Plan