Brand Building and Customer Experience

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Aligning Brands and Experiences

A brand is an expression; a communication between a company and its customers. A holistic customer experience considers each interaction an opportunity to add value and shape meaning.
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Brands are perceptions based on experiences.
Brand meaning is a key question involving positioning – making strategic choices about audiences and promises. Brand identity is about perception, what people think, and what you might want them to think.
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Interactions are Opportunities
Building a brand as a series of interactions means seeing it through the eyes of the customer. Consider each interaction as they might see it, how one builds on another, and the cumulative effect.

Brand Identity Essentials

By Kevin Budelmann and Yang Kim

“A model for clarity in a field that rarely has any.”

– Ralph Caplan

Brand Identity Essentials

Our book, now in its second edition, is available in six languages. We leverage the Brand Identity Framework to build sustainable brand systems.

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