Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Customer loyalty is earned one touchpoint at a time. From service design to digital interactions, focused, intentional customer journeys inform and guide user choices.

Experiences shape behavior.

Customer Experience

Improve outcomes.
Shaping behavior is a powerful tool that can benefit both users and companies. If we think proactively and strategically about a user or customer experience, we increase the odds of improving it. Of course, we can’t directly change someone’s actions any more than we can actually design a person’s experience – we create opportunities to affect an experience.

Interactions are opportunities.

Keep promises.
Each time a customer encounters your brand is an opportunity to remind, inform, deliver, and delight. Large organizations with literally thousands of touchpoints require flexible programs with clear guidelines. Smaller companies may not have as many requirements, but the same logic applies – even the smallest business has invoices and a website, and these touchpoints merit consideration. Each interaction is an expression of a brand promise.

Interactions are opportunities

Designing experiences.

Customer Experience Mapping

Plan experiences.
A timeline of customer interactions can offer helpful insights. Mapping the current state and identifying unmet needs is a step toward defining an ideal customer experience. How do customers currently experience a product or brand? What would you like the experience to be? What happens before, during, and after? A robust CX model can help answer critical questions and realize better outcomes.

Global Design Leadership

For five years, Kevin served as on the Global Board of Directors for IxDA (Interaction Design Association).

Kevin Budelmann at Interaction20 in Milan

Above: Kevin Budelmann onstage at IxDA Interaction20 in Milan, Italy.

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