Peopledesign is a strategic design services firm.

Strategic Design

We help organizations innovate through research, strategy, and user-centered design. We help our clients with brand meaning and customer experience.
Sustainable Brand Systems


People are the most ubiquitous part of social and business innovation, but too often are not in the equation. Things that don't work for people don't work at all.
Design for People


For 25 years, Peopledesign has been helping organizations better connect become more meaningful to the people they serve.
Peopledesign is an Idea


We aim to be leaders for our clients and our peers. We've led global design organizations. We speak, write, teach about strategic design.
Design Leadership

Kevin Budelmann - Peopledesign

Kevin Budelmann
President and co-founder

Kevin oversees the firm's strategic direction and helps manage client relationships as a designer, strategist, and change catalyst. He advises, teaches, writes, and speaks about strategic design in a variety of organizations.

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Jake Himmelspach
Strategy Director and partner

Jake is our lead researcher and strategist. From Fortune 500s to locally-owned businesses, Jake applies human-centered design methods to help companies develop strategies for growth.

Jake Himmelspach on LinkedIn
Peopledesign - Jake Himmelspach
Yang Kim - Peopledesign

Yang Kim
Creative Director and co-founder

Yang's work has been recognized by her peers for its clarity, distinctiveness, humanity, and charm. Her no-nonsense style, wit, and devotion to her work have earned her long-standing relationships with clients.

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Brand Identity Essentials

Our book is available in six languages and is in its second edition.

Brand Identity Essentials
“A model for clarity in a field that rarely has any.”

– Ralph Caplan

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