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Times change, but people are the constant. Designing for people means design thinking – and doing.
Brand Identity Essentials by Kevin Budelmann and Yang Kim

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Our book, Brand Identity Essentials, lays a foundation for brand building, defining the tools and illustrating the construction of strong brands through examples of world-class design.

Innovation choices

Finding and shaping customer value.

Brand building

Creating meaning and expressing value.

Customer experience

Delivering value through the customer journey.

Team innovation

Building agile organizations.

Innovation in education

Rethinking institutional learning.

Built environments

Reframing spaces to live and work.

Brand Identity Essentials

Our book is available in six languages and is in its second edition.

Brand Identity Essentials
“A model for clarity in a field that rarely has any.”

– Ralph Caplan

Introduction | 100 Principles for Building Brands
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