Meaningful Engagement – What People Need Now

Meaningful Engagement

What customers and employees need now.

As a leader, you face a confusing array of new choices. You’re navigating how to appeal to various customers, segments, and sellers, but also employees, investors, and other stakeholders. You need clarity of purpose, your brand, and how to create lasting relationships.

These may feel like divergent issues, so we created an integrated approach for Meaningful Engagement to help you connect the dots.

Meaningful Engagement (ME) Framework by Peopledesign

Meaningful Engagement Framework

ME Framework

Meaningful Engagement Framework by Peopledesign

In this new era, all companies must adapt. Among the key questions leaders need to answer is how to be meaningful to your stakeholders, and how you will engage them.

Brand building starts with understanding what is meaningful to your customers and building a value proposition that makes sense to them. It’s a communication and an exchange between you and your customer. We too are fans of Simon Sinek and “starting with why,” and we also believe a company’s purpose is more than looking deeply inside.

Just as your brand is about shared meaning between you and your customers, your purpose is about shared meaning between you and your internal team.
M.E. = Meaningful Engagement
Knowing your brand meaning and company purpose sets a direction – a north star. A promise. Keeping the promise requires a sustained effort to engage and re-engage. Your marketing team is looking to attract and retain customers just as your people team is looking to attract and retain talent.

Many forward-looking companies recognize the power of engagement for customers and employees alike. They are investing to better understand and improve the customer journey, user experience, and the system of interactions to drive change.
Meaningful Engagement – It's about ME!
When it comes to your customers, employees, investors, or other stakeholders, Meaningful Engagement is about “ME!” (M.E. = Meaningful Engagement).

We think this is a helpful way to remember these important issues, but also a simple way to bring basic HCD (Human-Centered Design) principles to the conversation.

Our Meaningful Engagement Framework is a simple way to integrate work on your brand, purpose, customer and employee experience.

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