Brand Identity Essentials

Brand Identity Essentials
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Brand Evolution

Change is inevitable, but the rate of change for a brand is a strategic choice.

Some markets rely on a sense of stability and consistency. Others thrive on change. You might not expect a law firm or bank to change on a whim, but media companies or other organizations more closely tied to pop culture expect change. In the race for brand differentiation, however, the rules are loosening. Next-generation law firms are embracing the new, and bank brands once built on stability are eager to redefine themselves.

Brands should reflect and evolve with customer needs. Foundational brand attributes form the character of an organization. These do not change; a sense of reliability and continuity depend on that. The evolution of a brand is usually the translation of baseline attributes for current conditions.

Change is inevitable, but the rate of change for a brand is a strategic choice. Leaders in organizations need to face the challenge of brand evolution directly. While speed is a choice, change is coming, and the marketplace won’t wait. Brand builders must look ahead to stay ahead.
Our book, Brand Identity Essentials, explores brand evolution and more.

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