Strategic Focus

Strategic Focus

Decisions for the future of your business.

Strategy is not planning; it is clarity of vision. Strategy is making difficult choices that help your business differentiate, sustain itself, and grow – finding opportunities to grow and engaging your team. We help you clarify your vision for sustainable growth.
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ESI Fellowes
Grand Rapids Chair
Interface Strategy
Georgia-Pacific Strategy
GRAM Strategy

“Through Peopledesignʼs holistic process, we were able to rebrand from a marketing perspective but also reset our strategy. This reset expanded into new product categories, new market segments, and new integration of tools to simplify the customer experience.”

Mark Rhoades, President, Fellowes Contract

We help companies change.
We live in one of the greatest periods of change in human history. Companies must evolve proactively to keep up with the people they serve. There are two ways to deal with change: Chase it or lead it.
New Leadership Priorities
The knowledge era brings new variables and complexity to organizational challenges. Leaders must make new decisions to remain vital and stay ahead, but change is hard.
Design for People
Innovation Strategy
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Peopledesign aims to maximize the best of innovation strategy, human-centered design, and design thinking. Kevin is an author, speaker, and teacher of strategic design innovation.