Employer Branding

Employer Branding

Attract and retain talent with a meaningful brand.
Your brand means something to your customers and staff alike. Your ability to attract, engage and retain top talent relies on strategic brand clarity and decisive action – just as you do with marketing.
Employer Branding

“We couldn't stop the Laker Effect campaign if we wanted to!” (Because of its internal traction.)

Rhonda Lubberts, Associate VP for Institutional Marketing, GVSU

Herman Miller
Grand Valley State University

Let’s get started.

What we do

We work with your leadership and HR teams to understand your aspirations and goals. Then we conduct primary employee research to better understand pain points and opportunities and create a plan.

⚡ Leadership/HR strategy review

⚡ Employee research

⚡ Trend research

⚡ Strategy modeling

⚡ Identity/Message development

⚡ Employee experience concepts

What you get

We synthesize our findings to prepare clear recommendations and next steps regarding your internal brand positioning, audience types, critical messages, and programs.

📋 Internal brand positioning

📋 Audience personas

📋 Differentiated employee claim

📋 Key messages

📋 EX opportunities

📋 Action plan