Peopledesign Innovation

Strategy, Research, Innovation
Finding and shaping new value.


Peopledesign Branding

Brand and Marketing
Expressing value and purpose.


Peopledesign CX

Customer and User Experience
Delivering value through interfaces and interactions.

The Built Environment

Peopledesign Commercial Design

Commercial Design
We have unique expertise with built environment companies.


Making the right decisions for the future of your business.
Creating a solid position is hard work, but it's critical to creating a sustainable brand. Whether you are looking to refine or reset your strategy, we can help you improve your understanding of today and what's possible for tomorrow.

Peopledesign - Positioning and Value Propositions

“Through Peopledesign's holistic process, we were able to rebrand from a marketing perspective, but also, reset our strategy. This reset created expansion into new product categories, new market segments and new integration of tools to simplify the customer experience.”

Mark Rhoades, President, Fellowes Contract

Guilford of Maine
Grand Valley State University

Let’s get started.

What we do
We conduct internal research to understand your strategic intent, history, and challenges. Then we conduct external customer and influencer research to find unmet needs and opportunities. We prepare strategic recommendations for a sustainable path forward.

⚡ Stakeholder interviews

⚡ Strategy review

⚡ Market/Customer research

⚡ Competitive research

⚡ Strategy modeling

⚡ Value proposition refinement

What you get
We present you with a concise insights report with actionable insights and strategic implications.

📋 Category definition

📋 Audience insights

📋 Behavioral personas

📋 Brand claim

📋 Key messages

📋 Alignment of support actions (CX)

📋 Strategic opportunities

📋 Action Plan