Interaction Design

Interaction Design

Every customer interaction is an opportunity.
Each time you touch a customer, user, partner, or employee can make or break the promise of your value proposition. Whether physical, digital, or personal, successful interactions are the basis of good user experiences – and customer loyalty.

Interaction Design

“To have someone who is willing to partner and participate as much as lead and offer great insight and perspective has been very important for us, and I would say that would be the greatest asset that Peopledesign offers: thinking.”

Seth Starner, Business Innovations Manager, Amway

Macatawa Bank

Kevin served as President of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) and on the Global Board of Directors for five years.

Let’s get started.

What we do

We examine the dynamics of a specific interaction or series of interactions to improve and innovate.

⚡ Stakeholder interviews

⚡ User research

⚡ Touchpoint analysis

⚡ Interaction modeling

⚡ Concept prototyping

⚡ Backstage planning

What you get

We synthesize our findings to prepare clear recommendations and next steps regarding customer and user interactions.

📋 Audience Personas

📋 Interaction Strategies

📋 Team Considerations

📋 Horizon Plan