Macatawa Bank

Rethinking the brand experience for a regional bank.

The global financial services chess game spells opportunity for regional players like Macatawa Bank. Industry consolidation has created behemoths, opening a window for community banks leaders to emerge. When the Macatawa leadership team sought to expand its presence to nearby markets and secure its position as a regional leader, they engaged Peopledesign.

To better extend the bank's position, we interviewed Macatawa executives, conducted primary customer research, and explored industry and consumer trends. With better insights about how consumers and small businesses approach banking and the broader issues of finance today, Peopledesign helped refine the Macatawa brand position. We developed new message threads, mapped the customer journey, and identified near- and long-term customer touchpoints. Equipped with a new brand program, Macatawa has a tighter sense of customer value, how the brand will remain vital and compelling in its market.

Thank you and your team for all of your help. I am building on the foundation that was laid with our work with you, and move ahead on our own.

Jodi Sevigny
VP Marketing

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