User Research

Value propositions start with what people value.
Understanding people – customers, subscribers, influencers, stakeholders, employees – is critical for value creation today. User Research leads to better value propositions, brands, and experiences.
User Research - Peopledesign

Sometimes, organizations drift away from their customers. The landscape shifts and leaders don't notice, or internal optimization efforts draw attention away from customer needs.

How we help

Insight objectives
Customers and users
Markets and competition
Influencer networks
Trends and new value
Internal stakeholders

Ethnographic interview
Cultural probes
Quantitative survey
Third-party analysis

Category/market landscape
Behavioral personas
Impact trends and benchmarks
Opportunity spaces

User Research - Peopledesign
Herman Miller
Guilford of Maine
Grand Valley State University

Through their holistic process, we were able to reset our strategy. This reset created an expansion into new product categories, new market segments, and new integration of tools to simplify the customer experience. ESI reported a 40% growth rate following the first major adoption of strategies.

Mark Rhoades
President, ESI/Fellowes Contract