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Finding and shaping new value.


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Brand and Marketing
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The Built Environment

Peopledesign Commercial Design

Commercial Design
We have unique expertise with built environment companies.

GVSU Laker Effect

An integrated campaign for recruiting and development.
A paradigm shift in higher education is shaping how schools need to communicate their value, with an ever-higher level of competition for both students and donor dollars. GVSU asked Peopledesign to achieve something they had never done before – create an integrated campaign for both recruiting and development.

Audience Mindset

Audience Mindset

Tiered Messages

Tiered Messages

Focus on a unified promise
Peopledesign helped GVSU bridge a departmental gap that exists in many institutions, first by better understanding the objectives of each group, then overlaying our strategic process and primary research.

New Aesthetics

New Aesthetics

Building Awareness

Building Awareness

Aligned campaigns
We developed a focused identity program that began to address the broader needs of the GVSU brand itself. The resulting campaign has been widely adopted by Admissions and Development and is expanding to other parts of the school including students and faculty.

Inspiring action
In addition to brand strategy and alignment, GVSU was in need of a creative kickstart to assist implementation of the campaign for donors and recruitment. Peopledesign delivered content, assets, and templates to multiple GVSU teams for future communications.

“People love the program. We couldn't change Laker Effect program if we wanted to!”

Rhonda Lubberts
Associate Vice President for Institutional Marketing
Grand Valley State University

“The Laker Effect program is overwhelmingly popular with all constituencies and we owe that success to your leadership and expertise.”

Nancy French
Senior Director of Communications
Grand Valley State University

The Laker Effect campaign lasted twice as long as expected and has become integral to the GVSU brand.