Peopledesign Innovation
Finding and shaping new value.
Peopledesign Branding
Expressing value and purpose.
Peopledesign CX
Customer & User Experience
Delivering value through interfaces and interactions.
Peopledesign Commercial Design
Commercial Design
Unique expertise with built environment companies.

Services Branding

Brand innovation for services companies.
Globalization and technology innovation has created new customer expectations and increased competition. Peopledesign helps service brands innovate and transform to remain relevant.
Find Focus
Staying relevant to customers means being a brand of choice. We help you establish and communicate your strategic direction. We clarify the vision and seek step change.

  • Define value propositions
  • Brand message and rebrands
  • New service launches
  • Segment marketing
  • Influencer marketing

Create Alignment
The new era requires new systems with different opportunities, technologies, and metrics. There is a greater need for consistency and integration. We help connect your strategy to a plan.

  • Digital strategy
  • Selling environments/physical presence
  • Brand standards and localization
  • Thought leadership

Kelley | Uustal
Macatawa Bank
Michigan SBDC

Alemeda Health
Amway Care
Spectrum Health
Autocam Medical
Grand Rapids Community Foundation
First Foundation