ESI Rebrand

Repositioning a brand for growth.


ESI Ergonomic Solutions was positioned as an ergonomic solutions provider focused on monitor arms and keyboard trays and on a strong growth trajectory but started to hit a ceiling. Like many organizations, they were stuck between larger brands low-price alternatives. Peopledesign worked with the leadership team to develop a holistic growth strategy that differentiated ESI from its competition and united the internal team around a common purpose.


The work tools space has become crowded and commoditized with “me-too” offerings. Meanwhile, the rate of change in technology was far outpacing the contract furniture industry, leaving customers with few meaningful solutions. Peopledesign helped ESI refocus on providing solutions ("Work Gear") that support technology – for work, home, and in-between. The new position centered on the idea of movement, not just physical, but career movement as well, and benchmarked patterns and solutions in the technology industry to keep ESI from being held back by the contract furniture industry norms.
We took a deeper dive into the brand expression and user experience for both customers and the internal teams. Segmenting the sales team personas uncovered key traits and desired behaviors along with gaps and opportunities within the sales cycle. Object and interaction concepts were developed to encourage the right behaviors for sales members and create a smoother, more engaging customer experience.
ESI Work Gear
ESI Work Gear
ESI Work Gear
ESI Work Gear
ESI Work Gear
ESI Work Gear
Bringing these ESI strategies to life, we developed a new identity, copy, and visual language that rolled out across marketing and sales collateral, internal brand rollout, and training, physical showroom, website, and UI prototype, product and experience concepts.
“While President at ESI I had the opportunity to work with Peopledesign on a rebranding project, which would entail objective and subjective, research with all the major constituents inside and outside the company. Through their holistic process, we were able to rebrand from a marketing perspective, but also, reset our strategy. This reset created expansion into new product categories, new market segments, and new integration of tools to simplify the customer experience.”

“This was my third engagement with Peopledesign at my third company. The results once again speak for themselves with a 40% growth rate following the first major adoptions of the strategies. ESI continues to work with Peopledesign on continuing phases of the project, expecting continued success!”

Mark Rhoades
President, Fellowes Contract (ESI)