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Leadership and Change

​It's a new ballgame for business, but most organizations don't have a new playbook.

The bedrock of business, education, health and politics has its footing in the industrial era. The industrial age offered unprecedented scale and access to products and services around the globe. In mature economies, however, the game has changed. The new era is less about industrial scale and more about customer choice. 

Information is power. The forces shaping institutions today are fueled by information technology, leading to unprecedented leaps in customer knowledge, expectation, and behavior. “Every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003,” according to Eric Schmidt of Google in 2010. Customer choice will be driving your business more than ever before.

Leading organizations will recognize and seek to capitalize on the new pattern by taking steps to course correct before hitting an iceberg of history. As Charles Darwin observed, it is not the strongest nor the most intelligent that survives; it is the one that is most adaptable to change. Even for industry leaders, an organization's survival will depend on upon its attitude toward change.

Leaders decide which problems to solve. A strategy is "an integrated set of choices which positions a firm in an industry so as to generate superior financial returns over the long run," according to Jan Rivkin of Harvard Business School. The industrial era focused scale and optimization. Organizations that thrive in the new era will refocus on customer connection. They will seek greater clarity of purpose and how to deliver more value to customers. 

Peopledesign helps organizations transform. We are built to support two new era values: Customer-centeredness and collaboration. We bring both these skills together as we guide our clients to find:

  • New Meaning – Customer value, value propositions, company purpose, industry reframes, getting different faster.
  • New Whole – Customer journey, user experience, resources, media.
  • New Organization – Talent, roles, skills, team alignment.
  • New Systems – Systems, inputs and outputs, levers, rules, metrics, feedback loops.

Leadership in the Era of Choice means finding a new, meaningful brand promise, then building holistic customer experiences and new teams and systems to deliver on that promise.



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