Interface POP

Creating a program to shape customer demand.

Interface, a leading global commercial flooring provider, sought to drive and shape demand for a targeted set of products. Peopledesign was hired to partner with company executives to lead the initiative.

While Interface is a leader in carpet design and progressive concepts such as design biomimicry and manufacturing sustainability, the company sometimes struggled with balancing customer choice with product positioning. As a long-time provider to the specified interiors industry, Peopledesign was in a good position to help forge a new path. We conducted additional customer research and executive interviews to develop a new strategic trajectory. The resulting recommendation was a new program called POP.

Interface POP repackages a discreet product offering, builds on Interface brand strengths and uses a digital product visualization toolset (also created by Peopledesign). A key component of the POP program is its emphasis on product configuration over specific SKUs. This approach provides avenues for Interface to explore other significant opportunities focused on conceptual space design and product bundling. In addition to reframing the offering, POP is an integrated marketing campaign, featuring a semi-annual catalog and new digital presence.

The POP program is driving increases in the top and bottom line at Interface.

I can't believe how well it turned out. Looks like we've got a hit!

David Gerson
VP Marketing

Response continues to be overwhelmingly positive for both the print and digital campaign!

Jennifer Kelly
Senior Marketing Manager

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