Brand Identity Essentials

Brand Identity Essentials
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Wilsonart Vertical Market Program

Wilsonart Segments

Vertical Markets Program
Repositioning a leading materials brand for growth.


Wilsonart Engineered Surfaces, a global surface material provider, targets many vertical markets but sometimes lacked targeted messages and materials for specific segments. Peopledesign was asked to develop a strategy and communications program.


Through market and customer, we created a new approach to Wilsonart vertical markets including healthcare, hospitality, retail, education, and more. The new program is flexible and scalable.
Wilsonart vertical market spread healthcare
Wilsonart vertical market spread residential
Wilsonart vertical market spread office
Wilsonart vertical market spread education


The new program provided Wilsonart a framework for targeted materials, allowing for deeper segmentation and sales support.

Peopledesign’s work increased sales, and their efforts were foundational for the brand. They were genuine partners who facilitated a buttoned-up, professional, and flexible communication. Their team was smart and accomodating; their detailed approach ensured transparency throughout the process.

Keith Sherman, VP Marketing