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  1. Contract furniture is about people – not contracts.

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Contract furniture is about people – not contracts.

Market innovation for furniture companies.

The most significant risk for furniture brands today is not being loved or hated – it is being forgettable

With the specter of WeWork, the shadow of CRE, built environments face an increasing rate of change. Globalization and technology innovation has created new customer expectations and increased competition. Furniture manufacturers need to evolve, modernize, and otherwise transform to remain relevant.

Peopledesign is a brand innovation firm that helps furniture companies stay relevant and agile. We've worked with furniture industry leaders, including Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, HON, ESI, Inscape, SitOnIt, and many others.

We help you:

Find Focus

Staying relevant to customers means being a brand of choice. We help you establish and communicate your strategic direction. We clarify the vision and seek step change. 

  • Define value propositions
  • Brand message and rebrands
  • Launch new products or categories
  • Vertical/Segment marketing
  • Connect with A&D

Align Teams and Tools

The new era requires new systems with different opportunities, technologies, and metrics. There is a greater need for consistency and integration. Next, we help connect your strategy to a plan. We help create customer experience programs that drive change to define ideal customer interactions — plan for today and a roadmap for tomorrow.

  • NeoCon/physical presence
  • Digital strategy
  • Thought leadership: Ergonomics, Wellness, Biophilia
  • Global standards and localization

Global product launch

Haworth, a leading global furniture company, asked Peopledesign to help re-energize its ergonomic seating offering by launching its new flagship work chair.

The contract furniture market is mature, particularly in North America. Fern, Haworth's innovative new chair, had the opportunity to break through the competitive static. We worked with the leadership and product marketing teams, analyzed the company, product, customer, trends, and competition, and crafted a refined product position, message, and customer journey. The resulting strategy led to a series of tactics and tools used to launch the chair at NeoCon.

Haworth Fern Case Study

Peopledesign is extremely strategic, creative, and organized. Unfortunately, you don’t often see agencies excel in all three of these areas.
—Tracy Harrison, Program Leader, Haworth

Global product launch

Creating customer demand

Executives at Interface, a leading global commercial flooring provider, asked Peopledesign to help craft a strategy to drive and shape demand for a targeted set of products.

While Interface is a leader in carpet design and progressive concepts such as design biomimicry and manufacturing sustainability, the company sometimes struggled with balancing customer choice with product positioning. As a long-time provider to the build environments industry, Peopledesign was in an excellent position to help forge a new path. We conducted additional customer research and executive interviews to develop a new strategic trajectory. The resulting recommendation was a new program called POP.

Interface POP Case Study

Interface POP products have seen a double-digit increase in sales over other products, and the POP program has become one of Interface's most important marketing initiatives.

Creating customer demand

Strategic rebrand

The HON Company is a clear mid-market leader in commercial office furniture. Still, when it became clear that the brand needed more focus and customer meaning, the leadership team engaged Peopledesign.

We helped define the company value proposition, brand pillars, and company voice, serving as guideposts for marketing, product development, sales, and human resources. Our work encompassed executive alignment, customer research, and developing strategic roadmaps. As a strategic partner through the transformation, we provided practical tools and benchmarks to govern the company's brand identity program, product positioning, and inspirational expressions of a new vision.

More about Brand Transformation

Peopledesign is a key strategic partner. Their work is imaginative, inspiring, and meaningful in building our brand. We rely on Peopledesign to challenge us, provide creative solutions, and develop solutions in a fast-paced environment.
Tim Smith, Vice President, The HON Company

Strategic rebrand


  • Furniture as Technology

    Furniture as Technology

    Technology is something that was invented before you were born. We don’t view a TV as technology, but our grandparents did. For my daughter, a smartphone isn’t technology – it’s just how she communicates.

  • Second Cities

    Second Cities

    Like many industries, contract furniture takes its cues from major markets. Larger cities have the highest concentration of office space, client executives, headquarters, and A&D firms. Shipping and delivery mechanisms are better established and more robust. Furniture companies invest accordingly.

  • Next Wave Furniture Innovation

    Next Wave Furniture Innovation

    Industry-shaping innovation does not happen very often. It requires many different components to come together at just the right time. New technologies, supply chain advancements, manufacturing capabilities, and user preferences all play a significant role. Some competitors will move forward proactively, while others will struggle to merely survive. The contract furniture industry has several indicators suggesting the industry is tipping towards a new wave of innovation – beyond products.

  • The Landscape of Furniture and Work

    The Landscape of Furniture and Work

    All business is built on an unmet need. For decades, contract furniture is has been focused on work as an industry theme. However, like waves shaping a sandy beach, customer needs evolve. The industry narrative of "work" in contract furniture has benefits and risks as the customer landscape changes.

  • Collapse and Opportunity in the Built Environments Value Chain

    Collapse and Opportunity in the Built Environments Value Chain

    Buying trends have changed in the consumer world and are increasingly impacting B2B models. Organizations need to think differently about how they deliver value in a sales context.

  • Built Environment Trends

    Built Environment Trends

    Peopledesign has been working in the built environments segment for 20 years, helping many of the organizations in the industry plan and launch new products, services, and brands. Here are a few things we’ve learned, and what may be next. Evergreen Trends have persisted for decades, and are likely to continue into the future. Newer trends reflect larger shifts in markets including the era of choice, customer experience, and systems thinking.

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